How we were able to bypass Windows Defender on a Windows 10 machine to get a reverse shell!

Windows Defender Bypass

It seems we just peaked your interest, right? Isn’t that the reason you are here reading this? It’s either that, or you are just trolling, you know who you are. We’ve experienced first-hand and have also heard from many of our fellow pen testers that anti-virus solutions, especially some of the next-gen solutions are easy […]

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Are you fully protected if relying on credit and identity theft monitoring?

Data Theft

Are you a high net or ultra-high net worth individual? Do you think credit and identity theft monitoring is worth it? Are you currently enrolled in one of these programs? I have personally been enrolled in these programs since 2009. Does it solely give me comfort knowing that my credit and identity is protected? No, […]

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Incident Response Plan – How do you move from developing one to testing it?

incident response

In general, you’ve prepared for disasters that range from a file server crashing, to a total loss of power, and maybe even a hurricane making your offices inhabitable. You’ve thought through various scenarios that could affect your business and developed plans and procedures to document those efforts. You’ve worked so diligently to develop Disaster Recovery, […]

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