Elteni provides cybersecurity consulting and advisory services.

We are the unbiased and additional set of eyes on your environment. We strengthen your business and provide assurances of your cybersecurity risk posture by complementing your internal information security or technology teams, or your outsourced Managed IT Services Providers with our specialized services.


Cybersecurity Services

We can help secure the home, office, people, systems and data by providing practical guidance and solutions. We perform all-inclusive evaluations or targeted assessments, like identity or privileged access management, endpoint protection analysis, data loss prevention customization, policy development, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing,  awareness training, and everything else in between.

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Technology and Infrastructure Solutions

You can not run your life or business without technology. You depend on it to operate more efficiently and effectively. There are many providers that offer technology solutions, but little of them focus on the most important fact, your business is unique! A solution in a box is not the best approach. Let us tell you how we can add value to your business.

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Core Mission

Be a trusted partner to high net worth individuals, family offices, and  businesses to offer unmatched security and technology solutions.

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About Us


Our Benefits

We are a team of talented individuals that have spent many years in security, technology, and compliance, servicing the NYC area.

  • We understand all of your issues because we faced them too when we sat in your seats
  • Highly skilled in building secure technology solutions from the ground up
  • We provide the white-glove service you expect from a partner helping to secure your environment
  • Certified security professionals and engineers, and it’s not just a piece of paper
  • Thoughtful, friendly, and dependable
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