External Vulnerability Assessments


Are you in need of external vulnerability assessments to satisfy business or regulatory requirements? Or are you afraid you can not keep up with the latest known threats, and want a better handle on it?

Elteni can help you meet any of those needs, and more, by providing you various external vulnerability assessment options. We can perform annual vulnerability assessments to assist you with meeting specific mandates, but can perform them more frequently, up to weekly assessments.

Annual Vulnerability Assessments

We help you meet those regulatory requirements by performing an annual assessment of your external network. This assessment will ensure you meet the demands of those that oversee your business.

Quarterly Vulnerability Assessments

We realize that there are some of you that have stricter requirements and need to perform vulnerability assessments quarterly. This service was designed to help you satisfy those needs.

Monthly Vulnerability Assessments

If you are interested in verifying that you have a strong security posture and want to show that you went beyond best practices, we can help.

Weekly Vulnerability Assessments

There are many of you that want to ensure you always have a strong external network. To do so you need to know what vulnerabilities exist. Our weekly assessments will keep you in tip-top shape.

It is imperative you remain vigilant against today’s threats. Identifying the threats that you are potentially vulnerable to is the important first step. Let us make it easier for you by running these assessments, quarterly, monthly, or even weekly.

Interested in learning more, or do you want a free vulnerability assessment? Contact us now.