Vulnerability Assessments

Identify the vulnerabilities before they do!

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying and calculating the severity of vulnerabilities across systems to help a firm better understand their risk posture. The result of a vulnerability assessment is a list of vulnerabilities that are typically prioritized by severity.

Vulnerability assessments are commonly performed by using automated testing tools such as web and network scanners. A vulnerability assessment can be performed on both the external or internal network. Vulnerability assessments can also be conducted on network device configurations.

If you have not performed a vulnerability assessment, or your security maturity level is low, or you have a high security maturity level and want to preserve and verify the current security posture, a vulnerability assessment is a great option.


Vulnerabilities listed in the National Vulnerability Database. Almost 15,000 of them identified in 2019.
Vulnerabilities that were uncovered in 2018 versus 6448 vulnerabilities found in 2016.
Of businesses are vulnerability free. Several new vulnerabilities are found daily.

External Vulnerability Assessment

  • We assess your perimeter to identify potential vulnerabilities that a malicious actor may try to exploit
  • We provide a filtered and curated list of vulnerabilities with actionable recommendations
  • We verify that your remediation efforts are working as intended
  • We keep you compliant with your business and regulatory requirements

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

  • We perform automated analysis of your network devices, including servers, desktops, laptops, access points, printers, IOT devices, video, voice, and so much more
  • We provide a filtered and curated list of vulnerabilities with actionable recommendations
  • We reassess your environment once you have had the chance to remediate any detected vulnerabilities
  • We help you comply with business and regulatory mandates

Network Device Configuration Vulnerability Assessment

  • We perform automated assessments of network device configurations to identify potential mis-configuration
  • We also perform manual analysis of network device configurations as a secondary check to ensure nothing was missed
  • We assist you with aligning your network device configurations with industry accepted standards

We provide several options for your external vulnerability assessment needs. For our quarterly, monthly, and weekly assessments we provide instant reports right to your inbox. Get instant access to identified vulnerabilities and remediation recommendations.

Annual Vulnerability Assessments

In need of an annual check-up? We have you covered.

Quarterly Vulnerability Assessments

Need to meet business or regulatory mandates? Let us help.

Monthly Vulnerability Assessments

Need something more frequent? Of course you do!

Weekly Vulnerability Assessments

Want to ensure you are not exposed? We can tell you!


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