Virtual Information Security Assistant Program
Need another set of hands or eyes?

Many businesses are faced with the challenge of maintaining an effective cybersecurity program because they lack the time or resources. Policies are developed and believed to be enforced, but the reality is they are difficult to comply with. Recurring and mundane tasks are not being completed in a timely manner thus leaving businesses exposed to non-compliance. Our Virtual Information Security Assistant™ (VISA) program is designed to provide you with the additional support needed to tackle the tedious tasks. Our goal is to help you maintain an effective and compliant cyber program.

The Problem

  • Not using third party products effectively?

    You are currently paying for third-party products that are not being used often enough to maintain your cybersecurity program.

  • Behind on vendor reviews?

    The vendor management platform you are using for diligence is mostly used to send requests but you are having issues keeping up with reviews and follow-ups.

  • Did you miss the phish?

    Your awareness training platform to conduct phishing tests is a great tool but your falling behind with scheduling the tests, or the canned examples are no longer effective and you have no time to design custom email campaigns.

  • What patch did you miss today?

    The vulnerability analysis tool you use produces too much information and you do not have the time to distill the data down to just the important items.

  • O365 is secure out of the box, right?

    You recently signed up for Office 365 but you are not leveraging all of the tools to further secure your deployment, or maybe you are not signed up for the right services and you need someone to direct you.

We Have Your Back!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our VISA program would be a perfect fit. We can provide you with the assistance you need to meet your deadlines. You will be confident that tasks are being completed, in a timely manner, providing assurances that you are compliant and maintaining a solid cybersecurity program.*


These are some of the things we can help your business with.

Vendor Reviews

Already have a vendor management platform, but no time to review vendor diligence requests? We help with vendor reviews leveraging platforms you already use.

Awareness Tests

Having issues maintaining your awareness platform, or lack of time to run campaigns? We use your platform and provide you with the assistance you need to keep your employees trained.

Vulnerability Reviews

Do you have a vulnerability scanner and run continuous scans? Need to filter out the noise? We’ll review your scans and provide you the important things to focus on.

Office 365

How do you know if your O365 deployment is truly secure when there are so many security features that you haven’t had time to explore? Let us be the second set of eyes you need.

You provide the platforms, we provide the services.

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