Personal Cyber Risk Assessments

High net worth individuals are easy targets for many cyber criminals. They are increasingly at risk of becoming the victim of coercion, identity theft, reputational damage and other digital threats. Cyber criminals know that these individuals lack the time and knowledge needed to sufficiently protect themselves against today’s cyber threats. Elteni will help identify and mitigate those risks to keep you better protected against tomorrow’s threats.

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family office

Family Office Cyber Risk Assessment

Most family offices are convinced they are not big enough targets, or they do not have information or data that a threat actor would be interested in. The truth is threat actors do not care how large or small your business is. Family offices lack the experience, and expertise to identify these threats. Elteni will help identify the gaps, oversee the implementation of solutions, and ensure they are working as expected.

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Business Cyber Risk Assessment

The cyber world is ripe with threats that can materialize into a real business problem. Businesses lack the time to focus on, or lack the skills necessary to identify these issues. To avoid becoming a cyber-statistic, it’s imperative a sound cyber security strategy be developed and implemented. To determine the best plan forward, businesses need to measure how probable and impacting these threats can be by performing an all-inclusive assessment of their risk posture. Elteni can help make this an easy problem to tackle.

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NIST 800-171 Assessment

Today, the federal government relies on many external service providers to help execute varying federal missions and business functions using state-of-the-practice information systems. These service providers must ensure they comply with the recommended NIST 800-171 standards. Elteni can help you with your compliance needs and ensure consistency and continuity.

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