AWS, Azure, Google Cloud?

Is your deployment on the public cloud secure?

Businesses of all sizes are beginning to recognize the benefits of public cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc. With the use of the public cloud, businesses no longer need to staff large IT groups, they can lower operational costs and increase profitability, and can also focus on growth and improve productivity.

Although there are several benefits to moving resources and data to the cloud, two of the leading cloud providers, AWS and Microsoft Azure, have made it clear that their responsibility for security and compliance goes only so far. Businesses are left having to close the data security loop. To ensure your business is not left exposed because of mis-configurations or lack of knowledge of how to use the public cloud, comprehensive analysis and assessments should be conducted of your environment.

Public Cloud

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Why it is important to assess

Public Cloud Assessment

  • Understand what your current security posture is.
  • Identify and prioritize threats.
  • Verify that controls have been implemented correctly.
  • Meet business, investor and/or regulatory requirements.

How we can help

Elteni can help you keep an eye on your environment by performing holistic assessments of your public cloud deployment.

    • We leverage a collection of frameworks to perform comprehensive assessments.
    • Our proprietary tools allows us to gather information from your public cloud deployment to identify gaps.
    • We provide recommendations to help you close the gaps.
    • We reassess to ensure the gaps have been closed.

We provide assessments of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. We offer both a lite version to give you a quick snapshot of your environment, or a comprehensive version if you are looking for all of the details. If you are interested in continuous monitoring, we can help with that too.

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