Domain Alerting

Domain hijacking and spoofing are two of the most common attacks.

Domain names are a critical part of any business. They allow a business to establish their online presence. They provide visibility into a business’ products and services. They provide the ability for communication through online chats or via email. They also make it easy for people to find what they are looking for in a quick and efficient way.

While having these domain names can be extremely beneficial, they also pose a huge risk. Attackers are out to to compromise the sensitive information of a business, or in certain cases, cause reputational harm.

Attackers can do this by gaining access to domain name records, or by registering similar domain names. A compromise of domain name records allows an attacker to redirect a website, or potentially email. Similar domains can be used in phishing campaigns directed to internal employees or other business partners.

To avoid becoming a victim, businesses’ need to take a proactive approach in detecting these types of attacks. Elteni has designed custom solutions to assist businesses that face these exact problems.


Domain Records

We monitor your key domain records for additions, changes, and deletions. We also track your domain expiration, so you don’t miss any upcoming renewals.

DNS Monitoring Report

Domain Registrations

We keep an eye out for domains that closely match your domains. We also include  links to WHOIS and Virustotal information so you can perform quick reconnaissance.

DNS Registration Monitoring

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