Cybersecurity Services

Elteni provides several cybersecurity services to meet your current and future needs. We can customize our products to provide supplementary or complementary solutions. Looking for a trusted advisor that has an interest in your business and genuinely cares about protecting you from cybersecurity threats? Reach out and let us tell you how we can help.

Risk Assessments

Having trouble identifying the cybersecurity risks that you or your business faces? We can identify risks, prioritize, and help remediate them.

Regulatory Gap Analysis

Is meeting regulatory requirements a concern and important to you? Not sure where to start? We help you navigate the complexities of how to comply.

Vulnerability Analysis

Unaware of the vulnerabilities on your traditional networks, or private cloud solutions that could be putting you at risk? Let us find them before the bad guys do.

Penetration Testing

Need more than a vulnerability assessment? Find out if, and what sensitive assets can be compromised by ethical hackers.

Policies and Plans

Uncertain what policies and plans you need? We can develop policies you can comply with and plans you can follow.


Your employees are your first line of defense so let us provide them with the knowledge they need to help prevent cyber threats.

Insider Threat Analysis

Do you have intellectual property that is extremely sensitive? Afraid you have a nefarious insider in your network? Let us tell you if you do.

Privileged Access Assessment

Do you know if administrators are abusing their power? Want to keep an eye on them but need to know what to look for? We can show you!


Are your vendors practicing good cybersecurity hygiene? Having a difficult time identifying this? We can enhance your program and help with diligence too.

Cybersecurity Exercises

Do you have a solid incident response plan? We test your ability to respond to cyber incidents via simulated exercises.

Social Engineering

Can you or your employees spot the phish, vish, or smish? We simulate events to inform and educate.

Architecture and Design

Want to make sure the puzzle pieces all fit and work together? We can engineer and architect solutions that fit your needs.

Looking for something else and it is not listed here?

Feel free to contact us to find out more about we have to offer!

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