Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Avoid losing to the bad actors!

Most businesses already have so much on their plates to deal with, trying to address cybersecurity risks becomes another hurdle. Small and Medium-sized businesses may not have resources or data at the scale of enterprise-level organizations, they do have valuable business data, whether it be in the form of employee or customer data, or maybe even  intellectual property. In certain instances an unprotected business can be the source of another business’ breach.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

The Problem

The cyber world is ripe with threats that can materialize into a real business problem. Businesses either lack the time to focus on, or lack the skills necessary to identify these issues. Small to Medium sized businesses are actually big victims when it comes to cyber attacks. Not only do they suffer more malware infections, the frequency of attacks against them appears to be on the rise, as well. In 2018, average malware-related costs for small and medium-sized businesses were between $35,000 and a little over $1 million dollars primarily due to damage or theft of IT assets, and disruption to normal business operations. Not everything can be prevented but the blow can be softened. Elteni helps your business by performing an all-inclusive assessment of the cyber risk posture.

Avoid becoming a statistic and do something about it.

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In 2018, is the average cost incurred by a small to medium-sized businesses due to cyber attacks.
Of small to medium-sized businesses have experienced between 1 and 4 cyber attacks over a 12 month period, mostly ransomware related.
Of small to medium-sized business remain unprepared and are concerned or extremely concerned about cybersecurity risk.
Of businesses that have been a victim of a cybersecurity incident fail to remediate the cause to prevent future occurences.

The Solution

Every business is unique, and we don’t believe in a textbook solution to address any problem. We work with you to understand your business problems, risk tolerance, and most importantly goals, to provide practical guidance, and to help you reduce risk to a level acceptable to your business.

Elteni will perform an all-inclusive technology and cyber risk assessment focused on people, processes and technology.

We’ll focus on:

  • How people perform their jobs and understand what risks they can individually pose to the business
  • What processes are relied on to determine if weaknesses exist in the execution of them
  • The technology that is implemented to protect the firm’s most critical and sensitive assets

There are two types of businesses: those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.